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Look ahead at December renewals

A Look Ahead at December Renewals

December is still pretty far away. But, thanks to new health insurance transparency laws, your renewal rates are now available. And, better yet, alternative plans and prices are also within reach. So, let’s go inside the numbers and get you prepared, with a look ahead at December renewals. Why so […]

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Will the HSA Save the Day?

Many politicians have touted HSAs as a fix to our healthcare crisis. In fact, HSA expansion is a key part of the American Health Care Act, the legislation slated to replace Obamacare. But what are HSAs and how can they be used to fix America’s healthcare problems? Let’s take a deeper […]

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how to fire an employee

How to Fire an Employee the Right Way

  In his reality show, President Trump would terminate employees with two simple words, “You’re Fired”. In the real world, it’s not quite that easy. Whether you are terminating a worker for bad behaviour or handing out pink slips due to budget cuts, the process can be painful. So let’s dig a bit […]

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Trumpare Will Fail

Why Obamacare Failed… and Trumpcare will too!

Should’ve Called it the Accessible Care Act You would think, with a name like the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the law would be sharply focused on reducing healthcare costs. And yet in the original 2,000 plus page bill, it is sparsely mentioned. Instead the legislation aims its attention at accessibility to health […]

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Trumpcare Sign

Trumpcare – An Early Look

Get my crystal ball We begin our Trumpcare series with a look at some of its key features. And while nothing is written in stone, there are two leading proposals, the Patient Care Act from Senator Orrin Hatch and A Better Way by House Speaker Paul Ryan. Their plans share some […]

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Qualify for Group Health Insurance in PA

Does Your Company Qualify for Group Health Insurance?

Interest in Group Health Plans is on the Rise There are some major advantages to group health insurance versus an individual policy. First, group plans are now far less expensive than individual coverage, at least in Pennsylvania. Check out this example quote comparison report to see for yourself! Next, a company health plan can […]

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Common but Costly Compliance Mistakes

3 Common but Costly Compliance Mistakes

When the compliance police come knocking According to a recent interview with a leading Pennsylvania payroll company, there was a 300% increase in small business compliance audits in 2016. And the trend is likely to continue this year. While there are plenty of regulations to consider, we wanted to focus on […]

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New Health Insurance Options for PA Small Businesses

New Health Insurance Options for PA Small Businesses

A light at the end of the tunnel Finally, after 6 years of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), new health insurance options for PA small businesses are starting to pop up. And just in time too, since our local insurance market was beginning to look quite grim. Why PA Needs New Health […]

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Hire Better Employees

Hire Better Employees with these 3 Tech Savvy Tips

#1 Challenge for Small Businesses Let’s face it, hiring new employees is both time consuming and expensive. A recent article from Inc.com listed it as the number one challenge facing small businesses today. While hiring itself is important, it’s even more crucial that you hire the right people. Otherwise you’ll be looking for their replacements before you […]

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1095 Reporting Guide for 2016

First, a refresher… What are 1095 Forms? Under the Affordable Care Act, Americans must have health insurance or pay a tax penalty. The 1095 form proves to the IRS that you indeed had coverage. It’s important to realize however that employees don’t need a 1095-B or 1095-C to file their tax […]

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